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Welcome to Accessiblizer “ The Tool that makes every website accessible

You may ask: why do I need to accessiblize my website?

There are two main reasons:

  1. It’s the law
  2. It will generate more business for you

Let’s take a quick look at these issues.

It’s the law: in most countries in the world, it is now mandatory to make any business or institution accessible to people with disabilities. This refers to both physical places, such as wheelchair ramps in buildings, and now also tools on websites, such as Text Readers, changing contrast, etc. In some countries you might even be sued if you are not compliant.

It will generate more business: as important, the User Experience of your website visitor can determine whether they buy your products and services, or whether they leave without finding what they need. (Close to 20% of the US population have reported some kind of disability.)

Accessiblizer is one of the feature-richest tool on the market:

  • Text Size “ You can change text size of all the text on the site – by clicking the “A” buttons. Clicking the different buttons will change text sizes to 100%, 125%, 150%, 200% from their original sizes
  • Voice navigation – you can talk to the website! By enabling the voice navigation features you will be asked to grant the website microphone permission to your website. Once you grant the permission, you can: say go to [term] – where term is a link text. Say OK – to approve link to go to
  • Grayscale visibility “ changes the screen colors to shades of gray
  • Inverted grayscale visibility “ same as above but grays are inverted
  • Inverted color “ inverts all colors to their opposite in the spectrum
  • Contrast “ changes the colors to create higher contrast
  • Lower brightness “ decreases the overall brightness of the screen
  • Change font to be more readable “ changes the fonts to Ariel that is easier to read
  • Keyboard navigation “ for those that can’t use a mouse or touch screen, you can navigate using the Tab and Enter keys to go to any section on the screen
  • Keyboard shortcuts – for a faster keyboard navigation, enable the feature to add keyboard shortcuts to your experience. Every link will have a letter underlined, and in order to open that link just click ALT + [letter]
  • Underline links “ show underlines under every link
  • Text reader “ Accessiblizer will read the text for you out loud! By enabling this feature we will read any text over which you will hover or mark – in over 50 languages!!
  • Change site language “ change the language to your choice of over 50 different languages

And many more!

In addition to the visitor features, Accessiblizer has the following unique features that can vastly improve the your User Experience of your website visitors:

  • Accessibility Reports “ lets you know if visitors have experienced non-found pages (404), or any other accessibility issues on your site.
  • Feedback Button “ allows the admin to easily send you feedback regarding your website so that you can handle them
  • On-site usage analytics – allows the admin to easily monitor what users are doing on your site – internally.
  • Site Issues “ we monitor all the client side errors – so you will be able to easily track your visitor issues and fix them.

And more!

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